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Increase customer safety while cutting costs with Red River Technology and TEXT4SERVICE®.

North Dakota’s Red River Technology brings you COVID-Busting Contactless services to help customers feel safer while helping you cut back on staff costs.

Customers can order food and drinks, pay their bill, see your website/social media and more with just their phones! Your staff only has to come to the table to deliver food. This greatly reduces human-to-human contact, keeping customers and staff safer. Plus, this system is faster and more efficient—no more waiting on the server to get to your table before you can order.

Plus, it’s an eligible covered expense under the ND Department of Commerce Economic Resiliency Grant Program (ERG).


Benefits of TEXT4SERVICE®


Reinvigorate Your Business for a Steal!

You'll receive over $9,000 in products and benefits, including:

  • Apple iPad for order management (with annual data plan included)

  • Encrypted Printer for customer orders

  • Full Menu setup and customization 

  • Training and one year of online support

  • TEXT4SERVICE® Customization

  • 18/7/365 TEZ support 

  • Up to 250 order and pickup stations (Table Specific)

  • Unlimited Reporting

A Myriad of Services:

  • No app to download—Guests can send a text message or scan a QR code to see the menu

  • Touchless and Contactless for consumer peace of mind

  • Food Ordering and Payment, including Tipping

  • Seasonal, lunch only or other limitations for the menu available

  • Dining-in and to-go order options

  • Consumer covers the Transaction Fee and Credit Card Processing 

  • Reservations and booking for private rooms on-site

  • Reduces staff need and number of interactions by 50%

  • Facebook/Instagram social media portal

  • Website link to the restaurant via third party weblink

  • Loyalty Program Tracking

  • Merchandise Sales and Payment

  • Communication with the consumer post-order

  • Online reporting with extensive detail for reporting and forecasting 

  • Standard experience for the consumer regardless of POS in use

Return on Investment

  • Consumer pays credit card processing fee (3.5-6% of the order total)

  • Increase speed to initial order by as much as 7-10 minutes

  • Increase tables turnover and seat more guests

  • Increase average ticket total (desserts, drink reorders) 10% or more

  • Reduce staff personnel needs by 25%

  • Customizes the guest experience, including specials and limited time offers

  • Eliminate multiple touch-points (and cost), including: Menu printing or cleaning, money handling, pens and paper receipts, credit card folio

  • ROI typically occurs in less than 60 days

Minimal Start-Up Costs, Maximum Long-Term Gain

Thanks to food delivery services and other industries, consumers are very accustomed to paying a modest transaction or convenience fee.

The only increased costs to the consumer:

  • $1.00 Transaction Fee (Can also be more if your restaurant wants to share in the fee)

  • 4% Total Check (credit card processing)

The only additional cost to the restaurant/business for the entire first year:

  • Data plan for the kitchen device 

Our Fargo-based business is here for all your contactless needs. 

This Customer-Driven Technology is fast, effortless, and fully customizable, and we are constantly adding new features.

Integrate a better use of your friendly staff while speeding up turn time and gaining happier customers. Let’s get started!

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